Triathlon Race Calculator - calculate your splits, pace, and speed. There are also separate calculators for swim, bike, run and "body".

Duathlon (デュアスロン)

Calfman Japan - the JTU organises this winter duathlon series. TiT members attend the Kawasaki race.

MSPO Entry - entry for duathlon is through the MSPO website (in Japanese)

Aquathon (アクアスロン)

JIOWSA - the Japan OWS Association organises a series of aquathon races (only Japanese information)

Swimrun (スイムラン )

ÖTILLÖ - website of the original swimrun organisation

Swimrun Japan - Japan Swimrun Association - on Nov 21, 2020, there will be the first Kyora-jima Swimrun race on Amami Oshima [race location] [Facebook]

Kaiyo 2017 - blog post about Japan's inaugral Swimrun race in Kaiyo, Shikoku

Race Calender 2019 - great calendar of swimrun races around the world from

Maranuma 2020 - photo album of Olivier & Youri's race in Gunma


Xterra - off-road triathlon organisation. The Asia-Pacific Championships are held in Kenting, Taiwan in March.

Xterra Japan - annual race held in Marunuma, Gunma. In 2019, the race will be on September 15th.

ITU Cross Triathlon - information on the ITU's version of Xterra