Training & Rides

Friday Morning Brick Ride+Run, organised by Francesco Frova - early morning bike hill repeats followed by run around the Palace.

Shimanami Kaido - iconic ride across bridges linking Shikoku with Honshu [maps here[ [Hotel Cycle]

UFO Line (Chōdō Kamega-mori Line) - stunning 27 km road in the mountains south of the Shimanami Kaido (Keren has details)

Miura Peninsular - Google Map of rides around Miura Peninsula, showing "aid stations" (often at convenience stores) with pumps and basic repair kits

Bike Tour Japan Blog - BTJ is a commercial cycle tour guide company, but they have an excellent blog about cycle riding in Japan.

Cycle Routes - discover and download cycle routes which have been ridden and recommended by TiT members

Cycle-friendly Hotels - a list of hotels which are welcoming to cyclists and offer safe indoor storage of bikes

Race Entry Website

Spoen Cycle Events - all types of bike races and events are listed, including time trials, criteriums, and hill climbs.

Cycle Sports - website with links to cycle races and events


Ride Japan has announced a three-event gravel series in 2022, including Gran Fondo Myoko.

Mt. Fuji Hill Climb - classic race up Mt. Fuji held early June; several thousand competitors climb 1255 m over 24 km

Shonan Cyclocross - winter series in the Shonan area

Tour de Yatsu-ga-dake (第35回ツール・ド・八ヶ岳) TBD - another epic hill climb with 1300 m of climbing over 25 km

Norikura Hill Climb - up the highest paved road in Japan (2720 metres)

Niseko Classic (June 10-12, 2022) - 70 & 140 km road races and time trial, all in age groups.

Tour de Nikko (early Sept) - various options, including 100 km mountain challenge.

Tour de Okinawa (autumn) - various road races, including 210 km citiizen race. Reported to be the best amateur road race in Japan. Video here.

Services & Gear


Buychari (バイチャリ ) - used cycles and parts; they have a Yahoo online store and a chain of shops; Yokohama Totsuka shop staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Cycle Paradise (サイクルパラダイス) - used cycle store; has a warehouse in Edogawa, Tokyo and a Yahoo online store

Cycly (サイクリー) - online cycle store selling used bikes and parts

CYCLING (Japan) - Sell, Buy, Swap - Facebook group for people wanting to do just that; you need to apply for membership)

Valley Bikes - Japanese site for used bikes (in Japanese)

Crown Gears - new and used bikes and components; their shop is in Shibuya, and they have an online store.


Quintana Roo V-PR Review - Slowtwitch review of QR's new tri bike, the V-PR; includes detailed information about bike fit

Helmet ratings - independent helmet ratings from Virginia Tech. Lazer helmets are rated most highly. MIPS technology works!

Switch Aero System - quick release clip-on aero bars for road bikes; they let you easily attach and remove the aero bars

Di2 Guides - this website is dedicated to helping you get the best out of Di2 gear systems.


Bike fits are also available from our friends at Tokyo Physio whose approach combines human biomechanics and cycling biomechanics.

GS Astuto - Tim Smith supplies wheels, frames, bike rentals , and more. Shop in Kawasaki

Alpha - cycle store in Higashi Kitazawa run by Taku Sekine who is fluent in English. Taku rents gear, including hard cases, and does repairs


Bicycle Insurance - Keren explains the importance of bicycle accident in this forum post. Third party liability insurance is recommended for all TiT members. It is now becoming mandatory in some places. Here is a detailed review (in Japanese) bicycle insurance in Japan; the top 10 are ranked.

Bicycle couriers - information on delivery services within Japan

Flying with Bikes - a summary of the rules for various airlines, bike cases, CO2 cartiridges, etc.

Steephill - pro cycling news, reports and links to race videos

Everesting Hall of Frame - fancy a challenge? "Everesting" means cycling (or running) the height of Everest in one activity.

Home Repairs - Park Tools has an excellent database of step-by-step instructions on how to fix your bike (including YouTube videos).

Japan Eco Track - downloadable cycle route maps for various regions of Japan (both English and Japanese), together with sightseeing information, etc.

Data, Apps, etc

Aerocoach - aerodynamic testing of riding positions, water bottles, etc.

The Win Tunnel - series of short videos by Specialized testing bikes and gear in their wind tunnel

SRAM Tire Pressure Guide - many triathletes probably pump their tyres up too hard. Don't decide tyre pressure by the numbers on the sidewall of tyres (they are only maximum SAFE pressure, not optimum pressure); use this gauge to find the optimum pressure which balances speed with handling and puncture resistance. It is worth cross-referencing with other calculators, such as the Silca Professional Pressure Calculator.

CO2 Cartridge Inflator Chart - shows inflation pressures of various tyre sizes for 16g and 20g cartridges

Fit Calculator - dial in your measurements and get suggested frame dimensions

Gear Calculator - allows you to compare gear ratios for different chainrings, cassettes, and wheels/tyres

Bike Geometry - this app helps you compare the geometry of any bike with other bikes. You can search for old bikes, which means you can compare the geometry of your current bike with another you are planning to buy. - a range of apps for mobile devices and web based, including tyre pressure calculator

Merge Activities - combine Garmin GPX data from multiple sessions into one. For example, you can combine several days of a cycle tour and make one map of the route.