Pool Training

1. Swimfriends - Based in Tokyo, Swimfriends supports a worldwide outreach to the swimming community. Coach Steve Siegel offers adult swimming training for all levels at pools in downtown Tokyo. Contact Steve for details and schedules HERE or by email to admin@swimfriends.org. Advance bookings are required.

2. NAS Triathlon School - swim lessons popular with TiT members; Mondays, 6:30-8:00, Osaki (大崎); NAS also has sessions in many other locations

3. e3 Fit - swim lessons in English and Japanese by former Japan OWS champion, Lisa Miyasugi

4. Shonan Bellmare - early morning training in Hon Atsugi and Shonan-dai. Ask Mark for details.

5. Ocean Navi has Let's Swim squads in Shin-Chiyoda, Machida, Mitaka, and Ofuna.

6. Pools in Tokyo - list of public pools in Tokyo, with links; this TimeOut article shows top 10 pools in Tokyo

7. SwimmersGuide - pools near you are shown on a map

4. Cycle routes to Hayama: for those considering cycling down to Hayama from Tokyo, Tim has shared two routes [1. Direct] [2. Via Enoshima]

5. Photos - Here are some photos of swimming in Hayama.

Hayama Open Water Swim Training

TiT members swim regularly at Ohama and Isshiki beaches in Hayama. The usual meeting spot is Hayama-koen (see map right). Information is posted on the Google Groups forum.

1. Information about swimming in Hayama, including access to Isshiki and Ohama

2. Weather: Yahoo Weather Windguru windsurfing forecast Tides4Fishing

3. Sea temperature

Endless Pool Video Analysis

  1. Pool no ie (プールの家) - small facility in central Tokyo (near the Arakawa river) where they video you swimming in an endless pool and analyse your swim form.

  2. Earth Triathlon - indoor triathlon training facility near Ikebukuro. They offer video swim form analysis in their endless pool.

OWS Races

1. Rough Water Swim Japan Series - races in Oiso and Kamakura

2. Japan International Open Water Swimming Association (JIOWSA) - races around Japan; has English section

3. Hayama OWS race (July 7) - popular race for TiTers

4. Shonan OWS (Sept 7) - tough 10 km annual race from Zushi to Enoshima


1. The Lanes in Spain - article about Vies Braves "Sea Tracks" in Spain - safe, marked open water swim routes

2. Making Waves - article in Metropolis magazine about some TiT swimmers

3. Wild Winter Swimming - article about the recent boom in winter OWS.

4. Benefits of Cold Water Swimming - article in VICE


1. THEMAGIC5 custom fitted swim goggles - scan your face with the THEMAGIC5 smartphone app and order custom-made goggles. Contact Keren for TiT members' 20% discount code.

2. Goggles - read TiT members' recommendations for swim goggles.

3. Sports Juen Ameyoko Kan - specialist swim store in Tokyo

4. Swans Googles - online prescription googles; buy each lens separately, and a choice of nose pieces