Websites & Blogs

1. Sweat Science - Alex Hutchinson, author of "Endure"

2. My Sport Science - Asker Jeukendrup, exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist

3. Triathlon Science - blog by Dr. Garret Rock

4. Quintana Roo Blog - Our sponsor QR has an excellent triathlon blog.

5. Scientific Triathlon - comprehensive sports science website

TED Talks

Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger? David Epstein


Effect of swimming intensity on subsequent cycling and overall triathlon performance - research showing that overall triathlon times can be faster with lower intensity swim leg


At 40 km/h, 83% of your effort is used to overcome aerodynamic drag, so reducing aerodynamic drag is the key to going fast on the bike.

1. The Win Tunnel - great series of videos from the Specialized wind tunnel - for faster for the same effort

2. Water bottles - the aerodynamics of different water bottles and placements

3. Aero hacks - GCN goes to the Boardman Performance Centre to compare the effect on aerodynamics of ride position, rain jacket, etc, on a road bike. You can even learn the best way to pin your race number!

4. Ways to improve aerodynamics - good blog article by amateur time trial racer


Nutrition Factsheets - Sports Dietitians Australia have a great series of factsheets for athletes

Strength & Flexibility

Ankles - Comprehensive information and advice from GMB