Race Entry

1. Japan Triathlon Union - information on official JTU races.  Calendars of 2022 Age Group Ranking Races at three distances are available here (scroll down for a list of races and links to entry websites): Sprint, Standard, and Long Distance

2. Lawson Entry (Japanese) - the main race entry site for JTU races 

3. Sports Entry (Japanese) - triathlon race calendar and race entry for some of the races in Japan

4. Sports Entry (English) - limited race calendar for races which have entry in English

5. MSPO Entry - race entry site for some races, especially those which don't figure in JTU points ranking

6. KFC - organises triathlons, trail running, OWS races, etc. 

7. Tokyo Island Series - includes Niijima and Oshima OD triathlon races

Race & Event Calendars

1.  Japan Multisport - comprehensive calendar of races in Japan (in English)

2. Middle and long distance triathlons in Japan, created by Japan Multisport 

3. JTU triathlon calendar - a calendar of all JTU races (virtually all domestic triathlons) with links to race websites and entry

3. TRI-X - a calendar of domestic triathlons with links to entry websites (in Japanese)

Race Reviews and Reports 

Members' Reports - we are compiling race reports from around Japan. If you have a report you would like to share, please send it to Mark.

Racecheck - reviews and reports of races from the multisport community; TnT members are encourage to submit reports to help build this resource which was set up by former TnT member, Alex Tanti.

Blogs - there are many race reports on members' blogs

Race Preparation & Advice

1. Checklists - here are some triathlon race checklists: Race Weekend Trip (OD); Race Day (OD)

2. Fuelling Advice - Ironman nutrition by Arnout Hemel

Major race organisers: