Coaching & Training

Tri-K - coaching by our very own Keren Miers; ask him about pricing

Astuto Cycling House - TiT sponsor Astuto has a great deal for TiT members who want to stay one or more nights at their cycling house in Kiriyu, Gumma. For more information, read Tim Smith's post on the forum, or contact Tim through the Astuto website.

Earth Triathlon - triathlon-specific indoor training facility in the Ikebukuro area

Physios and Health

[See discussion on TiT forum]

Tokyo Physio - physiotherapy, pilates & massage provided by one of TiT's sponsors (and members). Ask for the TiT discount.

The Nomadic Physiso - Donny Mackay comes highly recommended by TiTers; he will come to you for treatment.

Green Spring Nutrition - online nutrition coaching for women; TiT member and OWS specialist Lisa Batey offers expert nutrition advice and coaching.

Tokyo Physical Therapy - another recommended team of physios set up by Mari Gish

Yokohama Sports Medical Center - public sports performance and health centre; can use health insurance, but overly busy facility

Shonan Bellmare Condition Center - can use health insurance; ask for Sogo-san (十川さん) who knows his stuff (in Japanese)

Triathlon Gear

Reviews & Shopping - Information on what gear to buy and where to buy it